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Our main focus for Recreate Recovery Inc, is expected to be attending our returning military members. However, cops, firemen, abuse victims, and others suffering anxiety disorders are expected to be able to benefit from this outreach program. The organization is currently scouting locations in the South Georgia and North Florida for expansion and implementation of our particular mix of counselling and Exposure Therapy.


The physical site is intended to provide Recreate Recovery, Inc. with an ample area to conduct Exposure Therapy for military and non-military sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other Anxiety disorders.  When treatment and counselling sessions are not scheduled to use the land, the same property will be leased out and scheduled to hold events open to the public. Some of the proceeds from the public events will be used to help subsidize the not-for-profit operations. The first of these sites will be established in the North Florida / South Georgia area.

The anticipated success of this venture is expected to prompt the adoption of our methodology and act as a blueprint resulting in the creation of similar retreats across the country using the same business model.

Airsoft combat is the equivalent of BB gun fights for big kids (using plastic “butt friendly” BB’s and limited muzzle velocities along with eye protection for the sake of safety)

Soldiers with the 187th Ordnance Battalion prepare to clear a room during urban combat training at the battalion’s Field Training Exercise site. The Soldiers are armed with Airsoft weapons as part of a pilot program, which, if successful, could be implemented throughout the Army. (Photo by Steve Reeves, Fort Jackson Leader)

The organization is currently designing protocols to employ Exposure Therapy and behavioral modification in a group setting to determine an individual’s triggers for P.T.S.D. and then blunt the  impact of those triggers on the participant. In part, our goal is to teach the participant how to re-associate those triggers (smells, noises, circumstances, etc.) with something positive AND fun.

Recreate Recovery, Inc. treats PTSD from a proactive rather than reactive stance. The activities provide tangible treatment through team involvement and competitive cognitive interaction. Participation in airsoft competitions are common among military types the world over.  The video linked here show how the Germans take their airsoft fun seriously.

As part of the Recreate Recovery regimen,  these competitions teach social reliance and self-worth by taking the focus of the individual, away from self, and encouraging that focus toward support within his/her team.  A social dynamic is created, and general self-worth (self esteem) are improved through service to others. Watch airsoft in action in the U.K. for another example.


P.T.S.D. and anxiety related disorders effect and affect all those close to the sufferer.

Like a stone in a millpond, the effects of P.T.S.D. ripple outward to stress all close family members of the affected individual. It is so often said: ” he (she) is not the person I married”. Therefore, we are also concerned with the affects of P.T.S.D. on the spouse and other family members. It is important that we offer support and help to those individuals as well.

We are not looking to re-invent the wheel. Where possible, Recreate Recovery, Inc. uses techniques that are already proven, such as the group counselling sessions and Experience Therapy. The program offers absolute confidentiality, no potentially damaging records, and no stigma. Participation is voluntary, and No drug regimen is planned; Just lots of sweat, teamwork, strategy, and competition.

Getting ready for another airsoft skirmish.

As to the effectiveness of team based competition in the treatment of P.T.S.D., one should note that informal groups of veterans are already using airsoft,  plus the camaraderie of their fellow veterans, to reduce the stresses imposed by their service abroad. Among the most visible are members of the Marines’ Wounded Warrior Battalion located at Camp Lejeune, N.C. as noted in Army Times.  Other independent private groups of vets have also recognized the value of airsoft as therapy and as a catharsis to the stress imposed by memories of the past.

The game plan for Recreate Recovery, Inc. is to meld that very methodology into a more formalized treatment program which includes pre-game and post – game, group counselling with individual counselling available as required.

Recreate Recovery, Inc. is also planning to incorporate the airsoft into a versatile gaming area covering over 20 acres, that can be readily changed or adapted in minutes to create various scenarios and induce various stressors. In addition to a gaming area, we are also examining the possibility of incorporating equestrian activities, agri-therapy, and other outdoor oriented activities into our program if the site selected so permits.